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About Us

Workplace Wellness International was co-founded by Geoffrey E Loveday and Elliott Davenport both of whom run successful hypnotherapy and life coaching practices. Our combined experiences gained over 36 years in the profession, coupled with our passion for excellence make us one of the most sought after companies in the corporate wellness sector.

About Geoff (Director)

Geoff has helped thousands of people overcome problems or issues interfering with their lives for over 30 years using advanced hypnotic techniques, pure hypno-analysis, emotional freedom technique and the emotion code. His knowledge in the field of health and wellness are second to none. He has a reputation for delivering fast and established results. His passion for learning has ensured his continued professional development and reputation as one of the top Hypnotists in the U.K.

About Elliott (Director)

Elliott was originally a student of Geoff having trained in advanced clinical hypnosis and hypno-analysis; he is now a successful hypnotherapist in his own right and provides support in training fellow professionals at Hypnosis International Training Ltd. He has rapidly developed a reputation for inspiring people to make instant and positive changes in their lives. Elliott also has experience in the professional workplace and offers a genuine understanding to employees of all levels.